Social Media

How to up your brand’s Social Media Marketing Game

An Arrow to go down

Tired of staring at your social profile for the notifications to rain? Well, the story of every novice marketer’s life. In the era of social media influencers with on-point social media marketing campaigns may get one thinking that it is hard to stand out but it is not, really.Social media marketing through ad campaigns can be one of the most fun campaigns to work on. But, at times, it can be quite challenging especially when you have a lot of people to compete within the same market.But of course, we are not here to just throw a couple of facts at you. Let’s get straight to the point i.e. tips that ACTUALLY work to solidify your social media presence.Here are the ones that are bound to work (unless you didn’t really read this article properly).

Break the monotony in content

Sticking to the same SoP for the content is one of the most criminal mistakes many businesses tend to make. By ‘same SoP’ I mean the overall layout of the posts.While many of the people do come up with unique and engaging content, the layout is usually the same which is a bummer. Well, sometimes it can be quite the opposite but the point is that whether it is the content or design, mixing things up a little is always a great idea.If your posts have been very business-y (as in straight-to-the-point type) then it is time you tell your social media followers that you are humans; bring humor into play. Yes sometimes, too much of a sales or product-oriented approach starts to downplay. If you want to start a social media campaign, connect it with something realistic. Give people something they can relate to.Take the clothing brand Generation’s example for instance. Their ‘No Non-sense Nighat’ campaign resonated with the females, giving them all the more reason to wear eastern clothes with a pair of sneakers to prioritize their comfort over the absurdity of the said combination.

Social Media Influencers

One can find a number of influencers on social media these days. From make-up bloggers, travel guides, gadget reviewers to whatnot, social media influencing is now a proper business.Social media influencers have a massive outreach that every business can capitalize on. It is not only about the outreach, but people are also more likely to go for products popular faces recommend or use. These bloggers have made it so easy for small businesses to reach out to them. Unlike models or other media celebrities, one does not have to have a contact to reach out to them first.These influencers can be easily reached out via their provided email address and are comparatively quicker to respond as well.

Know who to target

Although all of us have a rough idea in our minds about our target audience and have all our campaigns revolving around them, doing rigorous research about the audience is a prerequisite. Understand that targeting only potential customers is never a good approach. Think about all those people who might be interesting in knowing what you have to say. Buyer persona surveys tell that people who find a particular brand’s post relatable how irrelevant they might be from the actual product, are also potential customers.There are many tools available now that can tell you about the interests of the audience. Research your audience thoroughly before coming up with your final social media strategy.

Explore more avenues

Although Facebook and Instagram are the two social platforms that matter the most, one should not limit themselves to these two platforms only. In order to maximize the viewership or the reach of the posts, explore other social media avenues as well e.g. Pinterest.

Don’t overshare

Many times, the reason why our posts stop getting as much engagement as they used to is that there has been too much of those. Uploading a social media post every working day is ‘oversharing.’Pick 2-3 days of the week when there is the most engagement and post on those days. Also, make sure that you are posting at the right time (the right time is the peak hours of social media usage).

Tailor posts for every social channel

One of the most criminal things many of us tend to do is, use the same post, caption, and layout for different social platforms.Every social platform has different kind of audiences. Audiences on different platforms have different preferences. Take these preferences into account while designing social posts. Do not use the same post for every platform. Tailor the post for every platform. Use hashtags for Instagram posts. If you want to do a push paid campaign on certain posts, make sure you don’t use a lot of text in the design.So without further ado, get started with your social media marketing and thank us later.