2D Animations - Philip Morris International

2D Animation about COVID SOP awareness for corporate communication.

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2D Animations, Voice Over, Graphic Designs


Philip Morris Pakistan



Adding Value

With restrictions on social gatherings and offices closed Aeon team came up with 2D animated solution for Philip Morris in Pakistan. Our animation team worked with client to present visuals that match factory & Pakistani residential areas. Voice over was done in local language for catering to Urdu speaking audience of the client.

How we did it?

Starting with a story, a sketch based storyboard was shared with client for approval. Main male & female characters were created to run through the entire script. Characters created & then animated on After Effects. Complimented with on spot music & voiceover edit.

Animations are always better for corporate communications since they save companies on travel costs & also they last forever. You can revisit them and edit any part you want replaced easily.

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